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The phenomenon of a flash hider.


In 2014, the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had nothing more to their disposal than an AK-74 assault rifle each and an old helmet developed in 1954. Ukraine had no plans for war, and army funding was about 0.5% of the country's GDP. The armed forces barely had enough for salaries and painting fences.


When the war broke out, the soldiers were forced to acquire the most necessary things themselves: body armor, helmets, and flash hiders. Much later, they had the possibility to purchase thermal vision and night vision devices, proper first-aid kits and cars.


Most of the equipment used by the army was provided through crowd funding by the Ukrainian people.

One of the items most in demand for soldiers in the conflict zone were flash hiders.

What is the reason behind the popularity of this device? There are a number of reasons.


Firstly, we are at war with an enemy whose army is on the same level of technical development as we are. On both sides, night vision and thermal vision devices are more likely a rare item, as opposed to a standard one, even now in 2019. It’s considered to be good when there is at least one NVD or thermal vision device per platoon of Ukrainian soldiers.


Secondly, short daylight hours during the autumn-winter seasons. The vast majority of all combats (80-90%) occur in the dark, when it is easier to approach the enemy at a shooting distance.


During a shootout in the dark, soldiers determine the positions of others by flashes of enemy shots. It turns out that every shot reveals your position. Using a flash hider, you mask your location and get an additional advantage.

Another advantage of the flash hider is that it makes the sound of each shot a little quieter than usual. The shot sounds different and the sound wave is directed towards the enemy. This causes less damage to the shooter’s hearing.


You can be sure that a piece of equipment such as a flash hider can significantly change the course of a night battle, increase the chances of survival during a shootout and help to remain unnoticed by the enemy. At the moment, the flash hider is used not only on AK-type rifles, but also on PKM machine guns.


A flash hider is one of the products that helps to bring victory closer.

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