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Muzzle Brakes & Flash Hiders for AK

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AK-47 accessories and upgrades


            The AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles around. Also, called the Kalashnikov, this Russian-made assault rifle can be adjusted to either semi-automatic or fully automatic. Many tactical forces and military officers in Asian and European countries have adapted the AK-47 as their primary weapon of choice. However, it has also been adapted into the United States as a recreational weapon used for hunting and target shooting. And as good as the original manufactured AK-47 may be, there are additional accessories and upgrades you can add that will make the weapon even better.


            The AK-47 Flash Hider is an accessory you can add to the end of your rifle’s muzzle so that you can reduce the visibility of the firing flash that normally comes out of the barrel. The flash hider can also reduce the amount of recoil that the weapon produces as well. This accessory is made out of steel and contains a melonite finish which enhances its durability and ensures that it will last for a very long time.

            The AK-47 Muzzle Brake gives users a lot more recoil reduction by redirecting the propellant gases appropriately after the trigger is pulled. This prevents the barrel from rising unwantedly as the user is shooting rapidly at their target. This muzzle brake is made in Ukraine out of steel and contains a black finish on it.


            Every AK-47 should be upgraded with a Recoil Buffer. Not only does this reduce the recoil that is felt, but it also reduces the wear and tear on the bolt and the receiver. The recoil buffer is made out of polymer and connects right onto the bolt spring so that the bold slap is reduced. The buffer pad acts as a cushion which stops the bolt from touching the receiver. That way, both of the components are not as worn. You won’t have to modify the AK-47 at all when you install the recoil buffer onto the back of the spring assembly. At low price, this pad will last for a minimum of 5,000 rounds of fire.


            The Rear Single Point Sling Adaptor with will allow you to attach any single-point sling under the pistol grip of your AK-47 rifle. The installation process is a breeze.

            The Picatinny Rail Mount for the AK-47 can easily be installed onto your rifle. It does not require any modifications to be made nor will any permanent changes be necessary. You can use this Picatinny rail to mount a sight onto your rifle such as a red dot sight. Any AK-47 with a rear sight will be compatible with this Picatinny rail.


            The Adjustable Stock is made so that users of the AK-47 can feel more comfortable while aiming and shooting their weapon. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big shooter or small shooter because this stock can be adjusted to accommodate people of all sizes. It is often made out of durable molded polymer and can easily replace any factory stock that currently exists on an AK-47. The price of the stock starts for $47.99 and there are multiple colors available including black, desert tan, and olive drab.


            The Custom Forend can be attached to any standard AK rifle, including an AK-47. This rail forend system is highly durable and can easily be mounted onto any AK-47 by a simple drop-in fit. The forend is made of T6-6061 aluminum and won’t even shift while it’s in use. It is made to accommodate virtually any AK configuration that you may have. It can even endure more heat than your average AK forends. There are also AK-47 forends made of plastic.


            The aftermarket AK Trigger is designed specifically for either the AK-74 or the AK-47. It is a single stage trigger with a short and smooth trigger pull. It is a lot shorter and smoother than the factory trigger that comes with the AK-47. If you are using your rifle for home defense or in a combat situation, then you’ll want to have the trelaAK Trigger readily available on your weapon. It is made of triple alloy steel with added manganese phosphate for corrosion resistance.

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