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АК-74 MINI Flash Hider

Price: Available! 960 UAH

The AK-74 MINI flash hider was specially developed for military needs and perfectly fits the AK-74 rifle.


It became shorter (than the standard Strela flash hider) for 21 mm. It has eight more detent locking notches. A special additional wrench groove was added for easier disassembly. An additional funnel groove was added for easier disassembly of the internal funnel. Despite its small size, it fully (99%) eliminates muzzle flash.

This MINI flash hider fits only 5.45 and .223 Rem caliber rifles. It fits AK-74 and Saiga-MK rifles.

IMPORTANT: Not compatible with АК-74U, АК-105, and АК-74Н rifles. Works only with couplings that have 26-27mm distance from muzzle to the front sight. Otherwise, proper work is not guaranteed.


Our dealer in the USA. Order delivery here within 2-3 days.  

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Цена: Available! 960 UAH
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