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About us

STRELA Company was founded in 2012 as a small firm making accessories for civil guns. Starting with accessories for pump-action shotguns and AK-rifles, STRELA Company expanded the range of its products and developed into a manufacturer. The company produces a wide range of silencers, muzzle brakes and flash hiders, and even accessories for machine guns.

STRELA Company became well-known for its flash hiders among military and special units during the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine in 2014-2015. Those products eliminated muzzle flash and could save the lives of soldiers at nighttime. The flash hider became a standard piece of equipment, as important as a helmet or bullet-proof vest.

Soldiers from many units informed us that the use of flash hiders helped during night fights and changed the course of battle many times.

STRELA Company manufactures a wide range of silencers for different types of guns. Finnish companies lead the market in silencers; STRELA engineers inspect analogues and make silencers using modern technologies.

All silencers from STRELA Company are made of high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel, which will not corrode and can withstand fast temperature changes. STRELA silencers’ construction has shown high reliability and effectiveness during tests and real-life work.

One of the challenges was development of a flash hider for the Kalashnikov machine gun (PKM, Pecheneg). The goal was to design a small, compact and effective device. Developers examined the experience of engineers from other countries and found that most of the existing analogues look more like silencers, and are bulky and heavy. STRELA specialists chose a different route, and made flash hiders using Krinkov flash hider principles. More than nine months was spent engineering and testing the construction, and a final model was made. The result was a small and compact flash hider which eliminates 99 percent of muzzle flash with a weight of just 230 grams.

STRELA Company has other plans to enhance and improve firearms and to make shooting more comfortable and effective.

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