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AK Recoil Buffer

Price: Available! 150 UAH

The AK polyurethane recoil buffer fits any AK-based guns (АК-74, АКМ, Fort-201, Vulka, Saiga-МК, Vepr Molot 12 cal., Saiga 12 cal., and others). The purpose of the recoil buffer is to soften the hit of the bolt. This prevents a steel-on-steel hit (reducing wear on both components), and also removes sound and softens recoil a bit.
We recommend using this with a silencer because it will remove the sound of the bolt hitting the receiver.

The AK buffer is made of German polyurethane, the best available on the market.

A lifetime of 6000 shots is guaranteed. It works well with 12-gauge magnum ammunition without any problems. It's resistant to oils and solvents.

Important information about folding stock AK rifles! Polyurethane buffer is made to use all the space inside the receiver. (That's why it holds reliably inside and is ready for hard use.) You will have to cut it by lower mark to install it if you have a folding stock with button.




Полиуретановый БУФЕР АК

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Цена: Available! 150 UAH
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