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Sputnik AK-74 Muzzle Brake

Price: Available! 1200 UAH

The Sputnik muzzle brake is designed for AK-74 type rifles (AK-100, AK-103 and other, as well  5.45x39 cal. rifle) with М14х1L threads and М24х1.5 threads. It's made of 35HGSA military alloy steel and painted with heat-proof matte gun paint. It perfectly installs on a rifle. Backlash is fully eliminated thanks to goujons. Despite its size, it has a very low weight: 170 g. (For comparison, the standard Wolf Tooth muzzle brake has a weight of 84 g.)
This muzzle brake perfectly reduces recoil, redirecting gases to opposite sides and removing impulse. It perfectly stabilizes the barrel thanks to side ports and ports of jet thrust.

Important: This muzzle brake increases the sound of the shot; the use of earmuffs or ear plugs is recommended to avoid damage to hearing.

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Цена: Available! 1200 UAH
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