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АR-15 Flash Hider (cal. 7.62x39)

Price: Available! 1520 UAH

Flash hider for AR-15, Z-15, Norinco CQ-A rifles in 7.62х39 caliber. Effectively eliminates muzzle flash. Reduces flash by 90% on 10.5-inch barrels and by 99% on barrels 14.5 inches and longer. This device fully excludes the probability that the muzzle flash will blind the shooter and helps you maintain your position undiscovered.
Painted with gun matte paint, and withstands heat of up to 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit). Made of AISI 321 stainless steel with titanium, which will not corrode and is easy to clean. The flash hider is very compact and lightweight. 

Installation instructions: 
It is important to use a concave spacer or shim before flash hider installation. This is required so that the flash hider will not loosen and to ensure the required distance from the muzzle to the funnel (2 to 4 mm). If this distance will be longer or shorter, proper functioning is not guaranteed.

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Цена: Available! 1520 UAH
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