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AKM (AK-47) Silencer Gen III

Price: Available! 4000 UAH

This silencer for the AK-47 (AKM) is based on the work of Sir Hiram Stevens, an American inventor.Despite the size of a sound-moderato, it has a pretty low weight, which was appreciated by military members. This is an AKM silencer made of AISI 304 stainless steel. This material will not corrode and can withstand fast temperature changes. This is the third generation of silencers in our company and we have used feedback to improve it and remove weak points.

We recommend cleaning and drying the silencer using kerosene after each 5000 shots. This sound moderator makes sound quieter by 26 to 29 dB, which is approximately 55 to 65% quieter than a shot using regular ammo (not subsonic ammo). The sound of the shot looks like the shot of a small-bore rifle or handgun.

Attention! Not compatible with the GP-25 grenade launcher.

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Цена: Available! 4000 UAH
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