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Non-MIM Remington 870 Extractor


We have good news for pupm-action shotguns owners’! Our company started manufacturing non-MIM Remington 870 extractor. A lot of Remington 870 owners know that only Police version comes with non-MIM extractor. Basic models have MIM (metal injection molding) extractor which is not as reliable as non-MIM extractor.

We decided to analyze the differences between MIM and non-MIM extractors before making our  own extractor.


We checked the hardness of a metal and found out that MIM extractor has hardness of 20 HRC. Non-MIM extractor has hardness of 41 HRC. This means that non-MIM extractor had additional heat treatment.

Non-MIM extractor has sharper hook, MIM extractor hook has rounded edges.

So, what is the advantage of the non-MIM extractor? It ensures reliable extraction of the fired shotshells and recommended as one of the most important upgrades of the Remington 870 shotgun. This is especially important if you participate in competition or shoot often and reliable extraction of fired shotshell is important.

You can find non-MIM extractors of two colors on our site:

  - black (chemical oxidation)

  - gray (zinc plating)

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