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The phenomenon of a flash hider.

In 2014, the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had nothing more to their disposal than an AK-74 assault rifle each and an old helmet developed in 1954. Ukraine had no plans for war, and army funding was about 0.5% of the country's GDP. The armed forces barely had enough for salaries and painting fences.

When the war broke out, the soldiers were forced to acquire the most necessary things themselves: body armor, helmets, and flash hiders. Much later, they had the possibility to purchase thermal vision and night vision devices, proper first-aid kits and cars.

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Non-MIM Remington 870 Extractor

We have good news for pupm-action shotguns owners’! Our company started manufacturing non-MIM Remington 870 extractor. A lot of Remington 870 owners know that only Police version comes with non-MIM extractor. Basic models have MIM (metal injection molding) extractor which is not as reliable as non-MIM extractor.

We decided to analyze the differences between MIM and non-MIM extractors before making our  own extractor.

We checked the hardness of a metal and found out that MIM extractor has hardness of 20 HRC. Non-MIM extractor has hardness of 41 HRC. This means that non-MIM extractor had additional heat treatment.

Non-MIM extractor has sharper hook, MIM extractor hook has rounded edges.

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Using Magazines for Protection

Some time ago, one of the firearm training instructors told us that he preferred chest rigs and their analogues. Soviet analogue was called Poyas-A (Belt-A). Such equipment can work as part of the Personnel Armor System because there is a chance that when bullets hit magazines with ammunition inside, they won’t penetrate them.

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PKM, PK machinegun Flash Hider

We had plans about making a PK flash hider since September, 2014. That was the month we started working on first version and had information about it on our website.

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Choosing oil filter for the adapter

Choosing oil filter for the adapter

One of the frequent questions which we receive is about finding oil filters for our adapter and what are the parameters of such filter.

Let’s start with the parameters.

1. Filter must be longer than 120 mm – the longer the better!

2. Diameter of the filter must not exceed 81 mm. Filter of the bigger diameter will get in the way of iron sights.

3. Choose filter WITHOUT “bypass valve” and "reverse isolation valve". This valve is located in the middle of the filter and has springs which are going to move after shot and won’t let to have the exit hole of the required size.

4.  We also recommend using filters made in Europe. Experience has shown that their lifetime is much longer than of the ones that are made in Ukraine or Poland. For example, oil filters made by the WIX Company can hardly hold even 20 shots. But MANN, Kneht, Mahle filters hold up to 70 shots and more.

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Do it yourself camouflage for AK-47 rifle

I wanted to camouflage my AK-47 for a long time but didn’t want to remove original coating because was afraid that painting may go wrong. Recently, I saw the photo of German soldiers which use military duct tape to make their G36 guns hard to see.

Kalashnikov rifle silhouette is easy to recognize. And even if you have good disguised position the silhouette of the AK-47 may compromise it.

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