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PKM, PK machinegun Flash Hider


We had plans about making a PK flash hider since September, 2014. That was the month we started working on first version and had information about it on our website.

This wasn’t a simple task. First we investigated experience of Russian gunsmiths which developed pretty big flash hiders which can be compared to silencers or sound moderators. Also, we have investigated how this was solved on 7.62x54 sniper rifles.



We decided to choose completely different way. We have successful experience of creation of flash hiders for AK-47/AK-74/AKM (Kalashnikov rifles).  We have thoroughly tested all prototypes and made careful calculations. We did the same thing during development of the PK flash hider.

We have designed about 14 prototypes but we weren’t satisfied by their work, unfortunately. They were of different sizes and forms. There were different models from huge to small ones.

Пламегаситель ПК купить

And the final result was compact and effective flash hider for PK machine gun:


Пламегаситель для Пулемета ПКМ от компани СТРЕЛА


Dimensions: 96mm x 38


Weight:  310 grams

We test all of our products and check how they work. Here is video from tests:




We don’t have free access to machine guns and that was a problem during tests. Thanks to members of “A” department of Security Service of Ukraine, Kharkov Border Patrol and Armed Forces of Ukraine and “Donbass-Ukraine” battalion for their help in tests of flash hiders on machine guns.
Альфа СБУ  СТРЕЛА тюнинг оружия



We have spent a lot of efforts and resources for prototypes, tests and long trips. It is always difficult to create something new and we hope that our work will pay off with time and we will be able to start new prospective projects.

You can buy Kalashnikov machine gun flash hider in Machine guns, other section or using following link.




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