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Do it yourself camouflage for AK-47 rifle


I wanted to camouflage my AK-47 for a long time but didn’t want to remove original coating because was afraid that painting may go wrong. Recently, I saw the photo of German soldiers which use military duct tape to make their G36 guns hard to see.

Kalashnikov rifle silhouette is easy to recognize. And even if you have good disguised position the silhouette of the AK-47 may compromise it.


There is another old way of masking your gun using rubber bands, which are often used to hold money and small things. You attach branches and leaves to a firearm and it works pretty good until you need to shoot.



But it is more reliable to mask a firearm using duct tape.

AK-74 маскировка



I’ve bought adhesive tape of two colors (dark green and coyote) in Militarist shop. I have slowly cut it into small squares. It took about 20 minutes to attach them to a gun.


Here is the result:

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