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Choosing oil filter for the adapter



One of the frequent questions which we receive is about finding oil filters for our adapter and what are the parameters of such filter.

Let’s start with the parameters.

1. Filter must be longer than 120 mm – the longer the better!

2. Diameter of the filter must not exceed 81 mm. Filter of the bigger diameter will get in the way of iron sights.

3. Choose filter WITHOUT “bypass valve” and "reverse isolation valve". This valve is located in the middle of the filter and has springs which are going to move after shot and won’t let to have the exit hole of the required size.

4.  We also recommend using filters made in Europe. Experience has shown that their lifetime is much longer than of the ones that are made in Ukraine or Poland. For example, oil filters made by the WIX Company can hardly hold even 20 shots. But MANN, Kneht, Mahle filters hold up to 70 shots and more.




 How we usually select filters.

I visit http://catalog.mann-filter.com/EU/rus/ website.

Go to the Sizes section.

Choose following categories:

Filter type: oil

Filter form: replaceable filter



Then enter the general parameters:

А: 75 ( +/- 5 mm) (width)

H: 130 mm ( +/- 10 mm ) (length)

Thread parameters G: 3/4 -16 UNF

Choose additional options:

bypass valve - no

everse isolation valve  - no





All adapters utilize 3/4 -16 UNF threading





Choose the one you like more from the list of the suitable filters.


MANN site isn’t always correctly shows additional filter parameters. That is why we choose the filter we like more and visit http://avtoto.com.ua/ website where we can buy filter and find more detailed characteristics. 



 Send your videos and information about filters you like to our e-mail: deniz.bertoni@mail.ru 

We will be grateful for this!

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